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Who's behind the press?
The person standing behind the press and cranking the big arm is Tomoko Takahashi. I am a designer who runs Studio TOTA - a small web and graphic design studio. With a background in architecture and a profession in graphic, web & interface design - a lot of my time is spent glued to the computer screen. Loving the unpredictable nature of working with a variety of clients, I also wanted to spend some time being really hands on...physically using my hands without having a mouse or keyboard in it. I took a letterpress class and next thing I knew, I designed and handprinted a wedding invitation package for my best friend from childhood. It's a time-consuming process, but instead of it being a burden, I really enjoyed the idea that every card is a personal and unique creation. I combine my love for design with this traditional and amazingly beautiful method of printing for TOTA Press. Feeling inspiration from my city, the seasons and my Japanese roots I very much look forward to sending out printed fun to subscribers every month~